On the Lake Shore Limited

So I’m on the Lake Shore Limited, barreling toward Chicago. I think I’m still in Ohio — nope, according to Google Maps, I’m near Goshen, Indiana. The train is apparently running two and a half hours late, and I’m hoping we’re not any later because we need to connect with the next train in Chicago, and we don’t have that much layover.

Meanwhile, breakfast was spent in the cafe car with the most beautiful scenery on the trip: the sunrise over Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve, with a still pool of water on each side of the train tracks. The view was like this: (Click for video)

My adventure is close to ending, and the beginning of the semester is about to begin. For me, that means teaching human services classes at Northwest Missouri State University. I’ve already put together some homework in case I don’t make it home in time (as I’ve said, we’re spectacularly late). Here’s hoping for a good semester!

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