Working on a marketing plan

Even if I don’t have a book to sell yet, I (optimistically) will. So I’m going to start playing with a marketing plan here.

Who is my audience — other than my current followers here? 

  • Readers of intelligent contemporary fantasy/magical realism.

 Where do I find them? (I have 20 regular readers of this blog and 100 readers of my page on facebook — I don’t think new people will find me if I don’t look for them).  So where are they hiding?

  • fantasy writer groups on facebook
  • fantasy READER groups on facebook

  What will I talk about?

  • being a writer
  • progress on books
  • anything published

How will I present the message?

  • craft messages/blurbs about my writing
  • consider excerpts of my work
  • use hashtags: #gardenofeden #archetypes #prodigies #talents #fantasybook
  • use instagram and twitter (I hate twitter; I don’t ever have good pictures for instragram, but time to up my game)

   How often will I send messages?

  • continue to blog/hootsuite the blog to twitter and facebook daily 
  • newsletter monthly

 Ha! A marketing plan!

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