Springtime and Struggles

Prodigies just got rejected by a small press — the usual “I don’t think this is a good fit for us”. Remember this is one of about twenty-plus rejections of the seriously revised version of Prodigies.

I’m currently rewriting Apocalypse (which in and of itself used to be two books) to add back some of what I lost in the combining. It’s hard to do right now because of the rejection. It’s very discouraging, and my mind isn’t wrapping around it very well.

Prodigies is still out at DAW, and the highest likelihood (given other evidence) is that they will reject it. Being accepted by DAW after being rejected by a small press would be like getting a Nobel Prize for something that failed to get a ribbon at the county fair. Yet my mind still fantasizes about the next step with DAW as if the next step isn’t a rejection letter.

I’m not sure I like optimism. I feel like I’m just setting myself up for disappointment.

What’s next? I rewrite Apocalypse, which I think will take longer than originally writing its two pieces took. (Writing is easy; doing it right is harder). I talk to my dev editor about what we can do with Prodigies to attract a little more attention to it. I go to that writers’ conference in St. Louis in June.

 Or I give up. I’ve talked about that before, but I don’t know how to quit.

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