PS: To My Friends

If I base a character on you, it is not you. Seriously, if that were the case, I wouldn’t be able to kill off any of my characters.

More specifically:

  • Some characters only look like you. 
  • Some characters have some of your basic characteristics (personality, looks, likes), but not your stories.
  • Some characters have your stories, but don’t share your basic characteristics.
  • Some characters are you from the Mirror Universe. 
Why do I base my characters on people I know?
  • I can’t visualize people. Honestly, if I try to call up your face in my mind, your nose floats off somewhere and I can’t see your eyes. So, yeah, you have hair.
  • Apparently, from what I can see in Wattpad, everyone does this, except they base their characters on movie and TV stars. My characters are quirkier than that, so they look like you.
  • My friends (including you, reader, a friend I haven’t met) have cool stories.
  • My friends (including you, reader, etc), have rich personalities.
On the other hand, I once killed off my ex-husband in a novel after establishing him as a pathetic womanizer. I have a t-shirt that says “You are dangerously close to being killed off in my novel.”  So I suppose there is some danger of being killed off by me. Sorry.

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